Hola, my name is María Paz.

I am a product design engineer with an MA in interaction design,  I am the Design Director  & Co-founder of Estudio Racimo.

I have 10 years of experience that ranges from social innovation to service and product design, and design research for different types of companies. I have lived the reality of a ux agency, I have experienced how Prezi went from thousands to millions of users, I have lived between the worlds of science and design for the last 2 years where I worked at the R&D center of Telefonica and in the world leading microbial genomics company, uBiome.

I am the co-founder of Estudio Racimo, a service design consultancy for private and public sectors were nowadays I am the Design Director.

I currently live in Santiago, Chile, but I’m open to relocating to interesting parts of the world. Find out more about my professional journey in my resume.

2017 - 2018


User Interface & User Experience for patient and doctor portal

At uBiome my role is to lead the efforts of design and research for clinical products that help to shape the way uBiome’s clients and healthcare providers experience the service, while also providing new experiences that are envisioned for the complexity of uBiome’s services.

— 2016 & 2O17


Foundational Research for R&D projects and User Interface design for SmartCities projects initiatives

I started as a UX Researcher for Smart Cities, where I led the field research, instrument and visual design for the initiatives we had in the team. Then I had a second role where I led the UX team from other initiatives to have a common vision, methodologies and processes of the discipline in the context of IoT. 

— 2014 & 2O16


User experience and interaction design for diversity of financial and governmental services in Chile

At Medible I was able to mix my analytic and conceptual abilities applied to strategic design and to digital products. Here I participated in qualitative and quantitative studies in order to reveal needs, expectations and behaviors of the users.

2011 & 2O13

Interaction Designer — Prezi editor and search engine

At Prezi I was able to develop my skills in UI and UX working very close to researchers, developers and data scientists and designers, of course, all world-class talented crazy people from all over the world. Sometimes I was doing QA helping the engineers with user scenarios and prioritizing bugs. It was very helpful to understand how teams work organically to achieve their semester goals, in a very adaptive and resilient way.



Open Mirror for Digital Habits

My role as an interaction design intern was to define interactions, code, product design and build the first prototypes for Open Mirror. An open source interactive mirror that can be opened and interact with defining a different way of listening to music. During Salone del Mobile 2014 Digital Habits presents it in the new bluetooth version.