From the science of the microbiome to product design for patients and doctors.


At uBiome my role is to led the efforts of design and product research for clinical products that helps take shape the way uBiome’s clients and healthcare providers experience the service.

Ultimately my work has been focused on creating a homogeneous experience for patients and doctors. Taking care of the current aspects of the service that are broken and come up with solutions for those problems with our resources and taking in consideration the company priorities.


I would like to say that the FORCE * (yeah, every letter ) is strong in Maria Paz. Every day she shows us that no problem is big enough and that every battle needs to be fought in a strategic way. It's an honor to work with her co-creating design solutions within each of our products but also working together with the rest of the club trying to build (despacito) a design culture in uBiome. We will make it. #respect

* fearless, open, respectful, creative, enterpreneurial. 

Pablo Lobos, Product Design Lead for uProducts


uBiome‘s vision is is to transform the science of the microbiome into useful products and services that improve people’s lives.

Patient portal re-design project


The current design (right sideimage)  has poor communication on the ordering a kit process and we get several complaints related to that, for example: Did my sample arrived to your lab? or Where are my results?

The ordering process has several steps in which we currently fail to provide the proper feedback to enable the user to feel in control of their order. The proposed design takes care of that by adding every step of the process that the user needs to know. It also adds new features such as messaging between physician and patient and a refresh of the overall look and feel, keeping consistency on visual guidelines.

The current step of patient and doctor portal are really basic and higenic, there is a tremendous opportunity to leverage the service through it’s digital platforms.

Current Patient portal (sensitive information has been removed)

View of orders page. The proposed design takes care of adding feedback to the user on every step of the process and it also adds the possibility to message the physician.

First time user has no order to track, so we push for order a kit.

Right side slider > Multidisciplinary workshop to prioritize features and fixes starting from the customer journey.