From the idea to an interactive prototype for Open Mirror


My role as an interaction design intern was to define interactions, code, product design and build the first prototypes for Open Mirror. An open source interactive mirror that can be opened and where you interact in order to define a different way of listening to music.

This project was featured in The Future in the Making exhibition in the Milano Design Week  in 2012. Nowadays it can be acquired at digitalhabits.it as a proper product, the code and components are open source.

Open Mirror is one of those projects that I really loved to work in. I was able to mix my physical product design background with interaction design, I realize that’s a match that makes my heart sing.

- Interactive Prototype
- Industrial Design
- Definition and testing of interactions - Code made in arduino


“I had the opportunity to work with Maria in different projects, she has great conceptual abilities and more over, very skillful converting them on great products and digital experiences. She's always pushing the projects boundaries always taking important part in the team role.
Definitely talented and skillful and more over an excellent person”.

Juan Pablo Giraldo, Product and Interaction Designer at Habits Studio

Habits Studio is a unique italian industria design studio, that nowadays they are focused on developing the  Digital Habits collections. The creations of Digital Habits are not simply products or graphic interfaces; they are experiences resulting from the contamination of electronics, technology, traditional design and physical computing. The new paradigms of this exploration of the future are open source design, digital manufacturing and natural interfaces.

Working on the prototype for Open Mirror.

Connecting: arduino, movement sensors, speaker, ipod and computer.

Open Mirror was selected by Massimo Banzi as the first interactive product open to the community. 

Source image: digitalhabits.it

Testing interaction on the prototype. The array of sensors allows to go backwards, forward and pause for the song. When the slider is open a light appears, for moving the volume up or down the hand can stay for a moment and intensify the sound. 

View of the mirror closed and opened. Source image: digitalhabits.it

open mirror spot bluetooth from Digital Habits on Vimeo.